With over 100 years of footwear experience in our management alone, we at Allegiance Footwear, Inc. we are dedicated to providing the most dependable and affordable service with the highest available quality American craftsmanship the footwear industry has to offer. We excel in volume footwear and leather component: quality assurance inspection, repairing, refurbishing, prototyping and manufacturing.

Company History
In October 1996, Mike Hensley realized that there was a tremendous need for a domestic source that could get these products back to first quality condition, expedite the repairs and return of these products to the distributor while ensuring a viable, economically sound, alternative to its customer. It was because of this need, and a desire to build a company around this need, that World Class Footwear Repair Service, Inc. was founded. Hensley approached Mr. Hugh T. Wallace, who became a co-owner and equal partner in this endeavor.

“success is based on providing top-notch customer service, along with quality products and services, delivered on time”

Since our inception, we have been providing services and performed repairs on hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes, boots and leather products for dozens of clients. Due to Wallace's expertise in footwear manufacturing and Hensley's expertise in pattern engineering, in January of 2000 the company decided to diversify to include Component Manufacturing and Product Engineering Services.

This expansion of services proved to be a successful move for World Class Footwear Repair Service, Inc. In the following 3 years, while continuing to excel in repair services our endeavors began to transition our main business more toward manufacturing services.

In late 2003, we signed a 5 year ongoing manufacturing contract.  Due to the size and length of the job we needed a larger workspace. In February 2004, Along with the move into a new building, over 4 times larger than our original location, to reflect our expanding service base a new name was created, Allegiance Footwear, Inc.

“We realize that our continued success is based on providing top-notch customer service, along with quality products and services, delivered on time. Our winning combination of manufacturing and product development expertise along with our skilled production team is ready to meet your requirements. We invite you to find out more about us, so enjoy browsing through our web site and we hope to hear from you soon.” Mike Hensley

Allegiance Footwear Management