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This statement has been created by Allegiance Footwear, Inc. to demonstrate our commitment to our website protection and privacy. Because our Web site includes areas in which you may provide personal information, we have developed a Privacy Policy, described below, to inform you of our policy and practice regarding information we collect from you on this site.

Allegiance Footwear, Inc.'s website collects certain personal information about you whenever you complete one of our online forms. The personal information you provide can identify you and your business, and include such items as your name, your company's name, e-mail and US mail addresses and office telephone number. Allegiance Footwear, Inc. also collects website logs which gives us information that cannot identify you personally when you visit our Web site. We use the aggregated information to measure the number of visits to our site, the average time spent on our site, the most requested pages viewed and  to monitor various other site statistics. This monitoring helps us evaluate how our Web site is used and helps us continuously improve the content we provide. We do not share these statistics with outside parties and do not link IP addresses or domain names with any personally identifying information, which means that a visitor's session will be logged on our servers, but the visitor will remain anonymous.

If you have any questions about this policy, your privacy or any other technical related aspect of this site please contact our webmaster.